Nepal …You Beauty…My Travel Experiences with You!!!

Nepal is a Beautiful country in lap of nature and so is kathmandu airport lying among captivating mountains covered with Greenery, Clouds and Fog.  My Travel Observations were that

  • The youth of Nepal are as Beautiful and Cheerful as its Nature. Kathmandu has a Free and Safe Environment.
  • The Momos tastes really good and That may due to the fact that they are served there and cooked by Nepalese Cooks.
  • Its easier to reach China, India or Tibet from Nepal in less than 8 hours by Road.

My Top 3 Tourist Experiences at Nepal would be

  • Spiritual Experience at Pashupatinath Temple and Swayambhou
  • Cable Car Experience to Hill Top among Captivating Plush Green Hills in Fog
  • Eating Hot Delicious Momos cooked by Nepalese Chef.

My Top 3 Personal and Relaxing Activites on this Vacation has been

  • Taking Long Hot Baths in Tub with Bryan Adams singing “Everything I do, I do it For You “ 🙂 😛
  • Bed Time Listening to Songs and Writing my Diary. I like slow music before night like soothing Piano Ballads or Slow romantic songs like “She” by Elvis Costello
  • Walk at buzzing streets of Nepal in night like Thamel Street

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